i) the first time i saw you, he held your hands a little too firmly. i could still see the spaces between them. your eyes reeked smokeless fires and i couldn’t resist taking a plunge.   why did you twitch your lips destitutely, when your eyes met mine. was is your heart skipping a beat or the out-coming desires of infidelity.

ii) we saw him swirling whiskey with his new girl in the bar. he looked happy and you lost two pounds of regret that day. we bought fancy wine to fill up spaces you just emptied. your hand slithered inside my shirt in the hotel lobby. I spilled wine on your white dress and you airily called it a love bite.

iii) i saw you on the train the other day. you leaned on the opposite door and forced a gloomy smile. you looked like November blizzards silenced by the early winter winds. My fingers twitched to find spaces in between the herd of this mannequin crowd separating us, only to lace with the spaces your fingers left. you got down a station earlier than yours, just to be empty a whole again, unwillingly.

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