तुम थीं और नहीं भी

भीड़ थी, और मैं इज़्तिरार भी खानाबदोश मेरी नज़रें जब मिली तुमसे तुम नज़ाकत से शर्मायी थीं और नहीं भी रास्ते थे, और हम गुमशुदा भी चंद खूबसूरत लम्हों के लिए आशना थे हम तुम कुछ करीब आयी थीं और नहीं भी जुस्तजू थी, और मैं सिफर भी कुछ पहचाने से पर बिखरे हुए लफ़ज़ों […]

Home, for Tonight

The bar is dimly lit, a dirty shadow of yellow.It turns your shirt an absurd red,weird looks beautiful on you.Another glass of JD and coke, and you ask why the air in bars is a bit too heavy. Sad people, searching homes, pouring whiskeysinside and smoking the fumes of remorse out, probably, I say.Bullshit, you […]

Forbidden Fingers

“This town is resting place for heathen Gods of rain” my father used to say. It rained mercilessly here.  Our town was a big family of 100 odd small families; tens of temples, one Catholic church, a school, two administrative organizations from where half of the town drew their bread. After school, I would ride through […]


i) the first time i saw you, he held your hands a little too firmly. i could still see the spaces between them. your eyes reeked smokeless fires and i couldn’t resist taking a plunge.   why did you twitch your lips destitutely, when your eyes met mine. was is your heart skipping a beat or […]

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