Anatomy of Last Kisses

i) The struggle to keep the eyes open turns into a war to find reasons to keep them shut. ii) You can remember the color of lipstick she wore. iii) Kisses become an obligation rather than a routine. iv) Suddenly, they have distinctive tastes. Salty; for the tear-soaked ones. Sweet; for the petty few you are going […]

Memory Perfume

Hey, we should do this again. I’d practice in front of the mirror,different expression every time. My best shirt and over-expensive shoes on. And you will fix the lipstickfor the 23rd time and another. One more round of touch ups and practice, and the infinite loop will go on. I’d curse for the cab for being too slowand you’d run straight […]

My Mother’s Eyes

I keep forgetting thecolors and shapesmy mother’s eyes carry.So I trot out of my pretentiousbusy life in a metro,to take a walk down memory lane.And I always find the bright,engulfing eyes waiting for me there. I remember them being blue,darkening as you look deeper into them,shielding a world inside.So, I tried asking my motherwhat do […]

How to Unlove Someone?

1. Don’t hate them. Hate creates cemented homes in the heart and often, your self-esteem isn’t strong enough to dismantle them. 2. Avoid fancy bars. Sometimes a whiff of that perfume is enough to drown in the whole bottle of memories. 3. Eat your favorite food. 4. Don’t read poetry. These poets feed off the […]

Satanic Verses

Let’s stop here. It’s alright.When love takes a toll on living, stop.I am perpetually torn betweennot loving you enough and nothating you just yet. And you, you could do without my loveor hatenot that any of it matters to you. Your eyes are already tired of my silhouette and mine are oftenopen in the middle […]

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