Where to Find You?

1. In coffee shops, when words are hard to come by. My eyes stare vacantly at the blank pages. Minutes pass by seconds. Clouds of your memories cover me with so much to write about. Stubborn words have found solace inside me, they are afraid to come out and I’d wait. I’d wait for the clouds to pass by. In stubborn words, blank pages and unpredictable time-lapse; I’d find you.

2. In abandoned homes, where the moss has started taking over, cushioning and silencing the screams of its past residents. Your voice stands out; distinguished; high-pitched; gleeful. I’d press my ears against the wind to hear you better. The creepers are climbing along the cracks of the walls, covering them beautifully; artistically hiding the flaws. In muffled voices, broken walls and artistically hidden flaws; I’d find you.

3. In shady bars, where emotions flow carelessly in synchronization with the alcohol. Lovers bang tables, cry out loud and spill whiskey. Spilled whiskey which smells like you, every night you came home late after a fight. Dim, melancholy, out-of-place lights cast a thousand different shadows. A few of them look like you. In free-flowing emotions, the smell of whiskey and the melange of shadows; I’d find you.

4. In cavernous graveyards, fenced by invisible, prominent boundaries. The deafening, confusing and chaotic silence here is similar to the one which killed time in most of our last meetings. Meetings where my world dropped dead in your feet and you glided over it like a restless soul roaming over the graves. In deafening silence, restless souls, and the grave of our love; I’d find you.

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