Things I Could Never Say Out Loud

1. Come back home,
the door’s open
just turn the knob
and my world
upside down.

2. You may not be the best of them all.
I may not be the worst.
But the entity we create together
works just fine.
Hangs on every time.

3. Half of my life has been spent on
chasing things I never had
or craving for things I let go.
Has someone cracked the
whole ‘holding on/letting go’ paradox yet?

4. Deep down I know my poems
were always about you.

5. Love comes easy for me
and it depletes faster.
my salary;
my mother’s blessings;
my father’s expectations;
the part you played in my life.

6. Come back home,
for once,
before you exchange vows you
do not mean,
before you circle the fire which
burns me.

7. I do love you, from still corners of my heart.

8. Let’s give it one more chance before
you go to all of our places without me.

9. I don’t want to wish you
all the happiness.
My love, love, is not selfless of old.
I don’t.
I can’t.

10. Come back home.


Photo by Igor Haritanovich from Pexels

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