The Fall

i) The first time I saw you, the universe swallowed my whole world and spat you out.

ii) And you, sobbing at the train station, weight of diamond ring crushing your world, saw me with those eyes. Eyes made to destroy worlds. Devour galaxies.

iii) You’d always remove the ring before entering my house and every fucking brick of this house would turn itself inside out to make you feel home.

iv) You were autumn laden with colorful scars. And you had me promised not to fall.

v) You’d sob gently on the bed after we made love every time. Guilt is only realized when the pleasure is worn out. And passion has been sweated out.

vi) Foggy mirrors of the bathroom reveal your face when I wipe them off.

vii) Winters come fast for those who fall in love with the fall.

viii) One last time, let me look at you, with whatever parts of my eyes you were not a part of.

ix) The last time I saw you, the universe swallowed you whole and spat me out.

x) I made a promise not to fall, fall.

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

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