Ten Things I Learned After You Left

1. There is a subtle difference between loving someone and convincing your heart to love someone.

2. Pain is temporary. Time heals it all.
Damage is permanent. Time reveals it all.

3. Sad smiles cover broken parts more than layers of skins will ever do. Skin of mine. Yours. Skins of girls who came after you.

4. Making the bed.

5. Swiping right. Swiping left.

6. The art of wearing plastic smiles;
trimming the expectations;
pretentious fucking;
moaning the wrong name.

7. Insomnia does exist.

8. Lipsticks have different tastes and fragrances of their own. With you, they always tasted like your lips. Same. Every time. Only the marks on my shirts kept changing colors, magically.

9. You had already left me long before we left each other.

10. Everybody moves on. But be careful. Take the straight road, not the roundabout.

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