Slow Jazz, Deranges Flowers and No Promises

slow jazz plays in the background
and your fingers make panoramas in air
playing keys and blowing imaginary trumpets
and your tipsy torso,
and your gypsy soul
put efforts in random movements you call dance
dance with me, you say
and we dance together
like the deranged flowers wobble
on stormy nights,
before disappearing into the earth
veins pop red on my forehead
when I try to open the dizzy eyes
to see how beautiful you look
eyes closed, brains dead just feet moving,
lips rhyming on the songs nobody told us about
i don’t know if you will still be mine tomorrow
and you don’t know if
you will be this drunk tomorrow
for now, just stay let’s not call it a day,
for now
slow jazz plays in the background
and you stay a little too close to me
than the universe approves
and we stay, with no promises for tomorrow
slow jazz plays in the background

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