Funeral Flowers

“Is it okay to die a little when there is so much to live for?” She asked me. I couldn’t decipher it, so I just nodded in agreement. We asked questions to each other which we couldn’t ask other people and finished our coffees and walk back home separately. Some rituals are never said out loud […]

21 Bedtime Stories

She would come to my apartment, hands bruised like the red dress she wore. Rainbow sunglasses hiding dried eyes tired of constant soaking. I would tell her bedtime stories, about how Joel almost missed Clementine for lifetime and why Celine did not turn up in Vienna six months later but Jesse did. Every morning she […]

Of You or Me

At times I wonderwhen I writein the pages of my old diarydo I write to youor to meI dig wells of thoughtsand pile up memoriesover memoriesand I wonder againif it was you or meI lie downafter multiple failed attempts to sleepand search the binsfull of unsent postcardsfor you or meI curse the time for being […]

Of Simple Things

Have you ever imagined, how simple things are so underappreciated.Rain clad roads;kohl clouds and bright thunders.Smirks of that unknown girl;the giggles of her friends.Someone waiting at the airport for you;holding placard and tears together.A few old friends;coffee, paper cups, and memories.Stargazing in moonless skies;sunrise after a stormy night.A home you never knew you had;a place […]

Peace of the Storm

She was crazy, adventurous and intense. Living in her own universe.He was simple as the spring sky, charming and soothing, waiting for summer to come.She was the late autumn leaf, floating free and wild in the early winter winds,carefree about finding her ground.He was the stone someone throwson water, glides for a moment butfinds peace […]

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