Of Simple Things

Have you ever imagined,
how simple things are so underappreciated.
Rain clad roads;
kohl clouds and bright thunders.
Smirks of that unknown girl;
the giggles of her friends.
Someone waiting at the airport for you;
holding placard and tears together.
A few old friends;
coffee, paper cups, and memories.
Stargazing in moonless skies;
sunrise after a stormy night.
A home you never knew you had;
a place you said you’ve never been.
Her one-sided love story;
your two-sided failed one.
Some accidental lipstick marks;
an incidental jealous girlfriend.
Stories written on tissue papers;
and shattered hearts sprinkled over them.
The stack of mugs and letters locked in the cupboard;
and the broken promises they carry.
A life you never wanted;
A life you never had.
A few overrated incidents;
A plethora of simple things

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