Of All the Invisible Boundaries Between Us

I called the cab and we rushed in.
The silence between us competed with the one outside.
The weather guy on the radio just said that it is going to be the coldest night of the season.
I had multiple reasons to believe so.
I could have asked you, “Don’t go.”
But my courage failed me.
You might have stayed or might not.
But aren’t we all encaged in our egos, fears, disappointments, and insecurities?
I didn’t want to face you, neither did you.
I just stared at your reflection in the car window.
You tried and failed to remove all the hair falling on your face.
Maybe they are as stubborn as you.
You are still beautiful, no doubt.
But I see you through all the invisible boundaries between us.
And you don’t look the same.
The cab pulled over.
I stared at the airport, picturing you flying out of it to the new city.
I flinched but still didn’t ask you to cancel it all and stay with me.
Talk about holding on and letting go.
You were late already.
You hugged me and promised to stay in touch, to keep visiting.
But we both knew the hollowness of them.
Being as empty as the ones I made on our first few dates.
I watched you reaching the check-in counters across the wall of glass that separates us now.
As seconds burn out, you faded into the haze caused by my breaths on the window glass.
And left me with a blurry outline of yours.
Along with a delusional goodbye, a false promise and a dwindled hope that maybe I will meet you on the other side, someday.

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