Memory Perfume

Hey, we should do this again. 
I’d practice in front of the mirror,
different expression every time. 
My best shirt and over-expensive shoes on. 
And you will fix the lipstick
for the 23rd time and another. 
One more round of touch ups and practice, 
and the infinite loop will go on. 
I’d curse for the cab for being too slow
and you’d run straight to the restroom
of the Mariott to adjust the dress one more time. 
Maybe you will pull it a little deeper. 
Maybe I’d notice that later.
*Tring Tring*

Lust would take over us that night
and maybe when we’re tired of such nights, 
love would creep in silently some morning.
I’d like you without the makeup
or the dress and you wouldn’t mind
my rundown all-purpose bathroom slippers. 
Maybe we’ll share a toothbrush
and you’d start googling trendy baby names on the internet.
*Tring Tring, Tring Tring*

Years might take a toll upon us
and maybe one day you’d carry another man’s
perfume on your neck. 
Maybe I’d find love between legs of women I’d
never remember the faces of.
We’d fall out of love peacefully or maybe we’ll 
throw abuses,
unleash screams, 
bang doors, 
break crockery to force each other fall out.
*Tring Tring, Tring Tring, Tring Tring*

We’d end up making perfumes of memories
and trap them in shiny glass bottles. 
Pretty things, my love, usually have
a haunting past.
Maybe we’d whiff the memory perfume
when the stench of rotten past and lonely future
comes harrowing in.
Maybe, one day, we’d drown ourselves in the 
glass bottle when it would become too much to take.
The world, by then, would be 
part me, 
part you 
part parts of our memories.
We’d run out of places to hide
inside the shiny glass bottle. And maybe when
it starts to shatter, for once, we’ll make it
our happily ever after. Okay?

*Tring Tring, Tring Tring, Tring Tring, Tring Tring*
“Hi, Sir. This is a reminder call. You have a reservation at the Marriott for two people at 7 PM.”
“Yeah, I’m on my way.”
Yeah, I’m on my way to self-destruction. 
Are you? 
Let me give you a call.

Photo by Mareefe from Pexels

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One thought on “Memory Perfume

  1. It’s the most beautiful and deeply amazing poem I have ever read!!!
    Ohhhh my god ❣❣❣❣
    Awsome ❤❤❤❤

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