1. Maybe you would have stayed if
I stopped you
and maybe
I would have run back home if 
you didn’t leave.
And now the empty home cries 
for someone to return,
envying the graveyard and its 
seldom hosting.

2. Maybe I should have loved you
more than loving the notion of love,
and maybe
you could have cared about it.
And now notions lie abandoned
all over the floor and love, my love,
is nowhere to be found.

3. Maybe, somewhere down the line,
I ran out of ideas to love you enough,
and maybe
enough was never enough for you.
And now I have enough ideas to last 
a lifetime and you could do with a 
few of them, but we don’t have us.

4. Maybe I should have held you a 
little closer 
and maybe
you could have tried to leap the
boundaries between us.
And now I pass your house
with helpless eyes, drifting a 
light year far each time.

5. Maybe, my love, our love 
was a lot of maybe’s and one lost
One lost forever.

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