Limestone Cliffs, Time and Invisible Pieces

T – 2 Years:
You couldn’t choose between
mountains and beaches so went to
the offbeat location where white
limestone cliffs plunged into the sea.
Your nose turned rather pink with
mercury hitting lower than usual.
We discussed the fragility of life,
you said, one wrong step in
these cliffs and you will find yourself
floating into nothing in ice cold waters.
You punched me red when I faked
a push, only to hold you back. We
burst into laughter which echoed all
over those cliffs, gliding over the sea.

T – 2 Months:
In those winters, nights became extra
long and cigarettes, less guilty. The gist
of you leaving had already knocked on
my door and I waited patiently for it to
bang it and take you away.
The idea of falling out of love destroys
you more than actually falling out of it,
read your text from yesterday night.
Those damned cigarettes never felt so

T = 0:
Loud bangs, screams, chaos come to
life when a time bomb explodes. Our
love was a ticking time bomb which
burst out silently in the middle of our
lives. The blast radius contained the
two of us, a few promises, some lies,
a lot of memories, and a thousand broken,
invisible pieces of us. The cigarettes
became more frequent and I lit them
directly from the fires left dying from
the time bomb of our love.

T + 2 Months:
Still collecting all those broken,
invisible pieces. I think I should
visit the place with limestone
cliffs by the sea. I might find one
there too.

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