Let’s Pretend to Own the Universe Tonight

Let’s pretend to own the universe tonight,
defy gravity with leaps of faith
we should have taken for each other.
Let’s just walk,
walk till my legs give up in
your name and I’m automatically
on my knees.
Let’s just forget the pressure exists,
the pressure of
and just talk,
talk till your words melt in the air
like clouds in the December sky.
Let’s just pretend that the people don’t exist,
they are nothing but
dots in a canvas of a billion dots
made of billions of canvas of one deviant art.
And then just listen,
listen until my voice is nothing but
fragments of words melting in your mouth.
And touch,
touch till my fingers crave for nothing
but the valley of naked mountains
your curves carve.
And kiss,
kiss till the rivers inside you go dry
and beg for some moisture.
Let’s pretend to be in love,
and love without the earth pulling you down,
love without the love putting you off.
Let’s pretend to own the universe tonight,
till this love drifts away like
a lost soul in the infinite expanse.

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