Last Forever/Lost Forever

They say love lasts forever and
you take it way too seriously.
You trade souls in the name of love,
tryst after tryst,
day after day,
kiss by kiss.
With every kiss, love takes away
a part of you until
you exhaust yourself completely,
with nothing left to give.
Trysts become hollow like kisses are.
Kisses become hollow like love is.
Love becomes hollow like you are.
Then your barely surviving soul
and nearly empty heart
take solace in alcohol.
And you argue you need
something warm to fill you up.
But alcohol, like love,
just makes you throw up
when you have had too much of it.
So you drift away from this one,
take a break,
wear concealers,
pet a dog,
travel to the mountains,
swipe left and then right,
kiss the wrong mouth,
fuck without reason.
On some cozy night,
it does find its way back,
when you open your heart for
a lot of alcohol and a bit of love.
But this time,
you don’t give your all right away.
You neatly tuck love up your sleeves
and keep it safe.
You let it slide on your skin
but don’t let it crawl under,
just to rip you from inside.
You don’t give away your soul
that easily.
But you still fall in a
careful, steadier love.
Now you know, love,
that love does last forever,
just the people you love keep
on changing.

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

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