How to Unlove Someone?

1. Don’t hate them. Hate creates cemented homes in the heart and often, your self-esteem isn’t strong enough to dismantle them.

2. Avoid fancy bars. Sometimes a whiff of that perfume is enough to drown in the whole bottle of memories.

3. Eat your favorite food.

4. Don’t read poetry. These poets feed off the longing in you and bleed it out on paper. No wonder you can relate to it.

5. Call your mother. Or call your best friend. Do it twice if they are the same person.

6. Come back home on time. Nomadic thoughts and parched voids often find solace in unfamiliar beds. The last thing to do is to find a face in your hands which you have never seen but exactly looks like them.

7. Read the genre you have touched. Watch a movie you have never heard of.

8. Drink wine from the glass. Bottles on your mouth pour out telephone cards for drunk dialing.

9. Don’t listen to Kodaline.

10. Be sure that you really loved them. You can’t unlove someone you did not love, love. For them, hate would do.


Photo by Jack Gittoes from Pexels

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