Go. Now. It is Time.

Go. Now. It is time. We have
already explored the bodies.
My fingers know how to trace the
back of your hand. Already becoming
familiar to the fragrance. I am aware
now, of your morning habits; draping
sheets over the body, leaving hints
of skin open, while you brew the coffee.
Tick tock.
Tick tock.
Tick tock.
The clock is ticking.
Like the time bomb. The inevitability.
Go. Now. It is time. Leave before I start finding
meanings in those kisses. Pack it all.
The almost fall.
The almost love.
Just pack it all.
Hey, leave my heart behind. Whatever
you have got. Listen. Leave. Because I
think there is too much of you around
me. I am not used to it. The blanket
of comfort; those engulfing hugs. Take
them all. I can not bear it. Na. Do not shush
me anymore from my nightmares.
Just leave.
Find your next destination. I am just
a mere path in your journey, here
to soothe you for miles to come.
Walk over me.
Out of sight.
You have stopped a little longer
than intended. My shoulders are not home.
Can not be home. There is no space among
the weight of the world for the weight
of emotions. It is about to rain.
Go. Now. Leave. There dwells
an insatiable hunger inside me. Rather
too deep. Deep enough for strangers to
never see. But you have dug too deep.
You are almost there. A few knocks and
the hunger comes out. It will suck the love
out of you. It will share its insecurities
with you.
The darkness.
The infinite desert.
Your body is finite.
Your units are finite.
You are finite.
So. Go. Now. Before I blow you dry.
Hush, hush, hush now. Are
you all packed? You, don’t leave
you behind. Okay?
Just a moment.
Let me look at you, at last.
Really look at you.
Let my eyes trace you.
I want to remember this.
For long.
Okay now. Go.
Listen, close the door on your way out.
There’s a long way to go. Remember,
I was just a path on this long road.
But you.
You were so much more.
So do not turn around. It will make me
weak. It is about to rain. And
weaker paths must not be treaded
in the rain.
Go. Now. It is time.

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