My Mother’s Eyes

I keep forgetting thecolors and shapesmy mother’s eyes carry.So I trot out of my pretentiousbusy life in a metro,to take a walk down memory lane.And I always find the bright,engulfing eyes waiting for me there. I remember them being blue,darkening as you look deeper into them,shielding a world inside.So, I tried asking my motherwhat do […]

How to Unlove Someone?

1. Don’t hate them. Hate creates cemented homes in the heart and often, your self-esteem isn’t strong enough to dismantle them. 2. Avoid fancy bars. Sometimes a whiff of that perfume is enough to drown in the whole bottle of memories. 3. Eat your favorite food. 4. Don’t read poetry. These poets feed off the […]

Satanic Verses

Let’s stop here. It’s alright.When love takes a toll on living, stop.I am perpetually torn betweennot loving you enough and nothating you just yet. And you, you could do without my loveor hatenot that any of it matters to you. Your eyes are already tired of my silhouette and mine are oftenopen in the middle […]

The Fall

i) The first time I saw you, the universe swallowed my whole world and spat you out. ii) And you, sobbing at the train station, weight of diamond ring crushing your world, saw me with those eyes. Eyes made to destroy worlds. Devour galaxies. iii) You’d always remove the ring before entering my house and […]


1. Maybe you would have stayed ifI stopped youand maybeI would have run back home if you didn’t leave.And now the empty home cries for someone to return,envying the graveyard and its seldom hosting. 2. Maybe I should have loved youmore than loving the notion of love,and maybeyou could have cared about it.And now notions lie abandonedall over […]

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