Anatomy of Last Kisses

i) The struggle to keep the eyes open turns into a war to find reasons to keep them shut.

ii) You can remember the color of lipstick she wore.

iii) Kisses become an obligation rather than a routine.

iv) Suddenly, they have distinctive tastes. 
Salty; for the tear-soaked ones. 
Sweet; for the petty few you are going to remember.
Bland; for most of them.

v) Your hands cease to play a part in the act.

vi) Even the darkest of your lipsticks refuse to leave a mark on his lips.

vii) The lips splutter heartbreaks and are never moist enough. Eyes are. Way more than normal.

viii) Kisses become cautious, careful and calculative.

ix) Each of the new lips you parade makes you less guilty for the previous ones.

x) The last kisses are always inferior to the very first ones and always better than all those in between.

Photo by Dustin Tray from Pexels

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