Abandoned Alleys/Hopeless Love

“The world hasn’t been kind to you lately,” Gauhar said while running her pale fingers over my fresh scars.
“When was the last time the world was kind to you?” I asked.
“A few times since you first walked into this brothel,” she smiled.
I looked into her dark, bottomless eyes and kissed her. The undressing happened faster and I looked at her uncovered body. Gauhar was a tall, beautiful woman in her twenties with a slender body covered by a thousand invisible imprints left behind by lusty men.
She never moaned when we fucked. “I can’t fake it with you,” she’d say. She lost her appetite for lust years ago and she doesn’t even know when she lost her appetite for love.

“You have been drinking again,” She said while getting dressed. I did get too drunk last night, fought with teens who were happily drinking cold beers and singing warm songs. The barmen had to throw me out and I had slept on the bench near the lane of her brothel. I waited the whole night to free myself of the stench of the bar. She never liked the smell of alcohol. “My religion doesn’t allow this. But I doubt Allah cares for us.” She said.
One day, she sneaked out and we went to the beach. Her Kurti was blue of the sea, complementing perfectly with the black of her eyes and colorless soul.

“Don’t fall in love with me. The world would never approve,” she said. “The world has long abandoned me. And I honestly couldn’t care less. But no, whatever this is, it’s not love,” I lied.
“Abandonment comes in kindness for those who are already looking for another home,” she said as we walked back.
She kissed me goodbye in an abandoned alley. I could see tears rolling down as she disappeared between lusty men and forlorn maidens. Her soul wasn’t colorless, it had all that I needed. “Don’t fall in love with me,” I whispered in the air behind her. From an abandoned child of the world to the other, love, lust and life may finally have found a tiny, shambling home. Right here, in this abandoned alley.

Photo by Florent B. from Pexels

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