My Characters, You and Me.

Perhaps, my characters think I ama non-judgemental,no-strings-attached,always listening,never suggesting,therapist-esque presence.So they pour their heart out to me.They love unconditionally, hate extensively;mourn perpetually, fuck desperately;cheat occasionally, hurt seldomly;laugh silently, cry loudly;live sadly and decay quickly.My characters, you see, arestones in temples and bones in mosques.They are the stench ofleather in glass buildingsand the essence of ittar […]

You are a Memory

You are a memory.I’d say to myself and get intothose bars where you’d findlonely, beautiful and drunk women.I always wondered why thesethree unrelated adjectives areoften found together in humans.So the usual ritual starts,I’d buy them a drink,they’d light up my cigarette.The hands will find ways inside shirts,eyes of lust will take a tourof the contours.And […]

Name of the Winters

The morning tea simmers on the rusty old stoveof the roadside tea stall and you take a whiffof the steam coming out in childish excitement.In these winters, the tea lets out a little toomuch of its insides and forms patterns unknownon your glasses which I find too hard to decode,but your mischievous eyes are too […]

Let’s Pretend to Own the Universe Tonight

Let’s pretend to own the universe tonight,defy gravity with leaps of faithwe should have taken for each other.Let’s just walk,walk till my legs give up inyour name and I’m automaticallyon my knees.Let’s just forget the pressure exists,the pressure ofcast,religion,society,color,age,rituals,and just talk,talk till your words melt in the airlike clouds in the December sky.Let’s just pretend […]

Parting Gifts

Melancholy is the name you gave to the aftermath of a mess your summer love had left you in. You waited for him at the bus stop in the scorching May heat. Sunrays devoured your body like hungry scavengers and the tears dried and became salt, leaving a bad texture on your lips. But he […]

Colors of Damnation

You sit in the corner of the barand whisper you’re fine in the sullen air.But the insides of your thighsburn like alcohol on fire becausehe went too hard on your last night.Slow down, you said lovingly the first time,hands in his hair.Slow down, this time with the dawn of damnationthrusting mercilessly inside you.Slow down, you […]

Last Forever/Lost Forever

They say love lasts forever andyou take it way too seriously.You trade souls in the name of love,tryst after tryst,day after day,kiss by kiss.With every kiss, love takes awaya part of you untilyou exhaust yourself completely,with nothing left to give.Trysts become hollow like kisses are.Kisses become hollow like love is.Love becomes hollow like you are.Then […]


I sit in your favorite coffee shopstaring at atomic scribbles Iconjured in the name of writing.Words choke inside my mouth andink keeps dying on the tip of my pen.The diary begs to be devoured butnothing comes to my kidnapped mind.They lie when they say longing makes youa better artist and my scribbles remainremnants of poems […]

Christmas Carols

You walk in the bar,opening the closing the door behind you,bringing a momentary melody of Christmascarols before it got lost in thehoots and shouts of the bar.Your hair sporting snowflakesthat look better thanshining bells on any of thesemurdered Christmas trees.I offer you an Old Fashioned and you letout a smile with a barely audible thank […]

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